You’ve signed your loved one up to spend a day at the Me2U Centre, so what can you expect?

We’re not surprised you’re curious, as leaving your special people with us is a brave step. It’s normal you want to make sure they’re happy and relaxed.

In this blog post we take you through what a normal day in the centre looks like, complete with the sort of activities we like to enjoy.


A Day at Me2U

The day starts with your pick-up early in the morning. We don’t just collect your loved one from the pavement outside their house, we come and get them from their door and make sure they’re kitted out with their coat, bag and key to alleviate any stress on yours or their part.

We also take their temperature as part of our Covid precautions.

Once we arrive at the centre, everyone there will be offered a nice cup of tea and some jam on toast. Then they get to pick where they want to sit: we have lots of rooms, and regulars do tend to become accustomed to their favourite spot.

Every day is unique at Me2U. We plan our activities around the people present. As we get to know them, we know what they love doing most.

The first session of the morning could be a quiz or a favourite film, or they can sit outside in the memory garden, get their hair done in the salon or play a round or two of bingo. We also have a pool room, which helps maintain mobility and fine motor skills.

Lunch will be served around half past twelve with a homemade meal and a warm dessert.

In the afternoon, we get a little livelier with music and dancing, singing or karaoke. Under normal circumstances, we’ve welcomed musicians, singers and choirs to the centre who will also lead sessions.

Before home time, we sit down for a final snack. This could be a scone, cheese and crackers or a tasty hot chocolate.

We like to focus our sessions around monthly themes, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or friendship, so we use these as prompts for reminiscence and other activities.

There is so much to keep your loved one entertained at Me2U, even throughout the pandemic, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us and let us help you take a well-earned break.


If you would like your loved one to have some quality time at Me2U Centre, then please give us a call to book in.