Me2u Centre provides a positive and stimulating environment for those living with dementia and also offers respite and peace of mind to their carers.

The centre was set up by a mental health nurse with over ten years of experience working with older people. As a centre, we feel a deep sense of passion that old people living with mental health and their carers should experience an enhanced quality of life.

Me2u Centre believe that, by providing a safe environment for those living with dementia, carers can feel assured that their loved ones are receiving the best standard of care while they take time out to care for themselves.

Mission Statement

The Me2u Centre will provide a flexible day support service that enhances individuals’ quality of life and well-being. It will optimise the cognitive and physical abilities of older adults with dementia so they can remain as independent as possible in their own homes.

We will listen to what is needed and respect their rights, strengths and values as well as promote participation in all aspects of community life.

Our vision is to become leaders in a new approach to the way our culture views ageing and dementia. Our flexible practice will strive to maintain families together and our communities intergenerational.

Our Values


Treat everyone we support with compassion, dignity and respect.


Act with integrity and striving for the highest quality care and service.


By exceeding the expectations of those we support and the standards we set for ourselves.

Meet The Team

Me2u Centre only employs highly trained and expert staff who are skilled in dealing with the specific challenges arising from dementia and its symptoms.

So that you feel comfortable and confident leaving your loved one in our care, we encourage you to come and visit the facility to get a real impression of the type of environment we provide. You will get a chance to know our staff so that the first time you meet us is not the first day you leave your loved one with us, and they will find it easier to stay with us once they know our faces.

Call us today on 07888 649822 for more information and to get to know our friendly and helpful staff.

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