It is the Me2u Centre’s mission to treat everyone we support with compassion, dignity and respect, to strive for the highest quality care and to exceed the expectations of those we support. Yet, it’s not what we say about ourselves that really counts. Rather, it is the opinions of those we have been blessed enough to help and support that matter most.

Every word spoken is so true of this amazing centre.  It gives me goosebumps when I hear what they have done on daily basis. And everyday is different with different challenges for them all  but they just do it ♥️♥️
Rosie, you’re a very kind nurse x

Relative of Me2U Client

Never in my wildest dreams did I think our family would have gone through these last 4 years and have the peace of mind we have today.  The me 2 you centre has given our family something we never thought existed from a team that are not family. My sister would not be able to stay at home if it wasn’t for the specialist individual care that the me 2 you centre staff give which changes daily when a young family member has dimentia . We have never had to ask for anything yet we are short of nothing. Nobody moreso than my sister. I thank God everyday that we were sent Rosie and her fabulous team. ❤️❤️

Relative of Me2U Client

Aww 🥰 our beautiful mum she was so happy here❤️ thank you for making her last days so happy xxxx❤️

Relative of Me2U Client

Would like to say what an amazing thing this is opening a centre. As a dementia carer for 8 years this would have been a god send to me and my family. I have known Rosie professionally for 9 years, she was my Dad’s mental health nurse and I would not have got through that time without her, she was there for me and my family 24/7. I have rang her at bad times and nothing was too much trouble she is so caring, lovely and supportive not only to the patient but to their family’s too. We could not have coped without Rosie.

Julie Connor

Please do ring and make enquiries. This is going to be a Day Centre like no other because it is going to be run by people who truly care about those living with dementia, which includes their families. They care so much that they are willing to give up their jobs as full time nurses/social workers etc. and are eager to being this new Day Centre. Your loved one won’t just be left to sit in a chair until you return. They will be loved and cared for and all their needs will be met. They will have fun, laugh, sing and dance if they are able to. Please do ring and show your interest. Many thanks and may God bless this greatly needed service.

Rose Knox

The world is blessed with the dedicated, loving, caring souls that are beginning this new adventure we have seen so much and we know through life’s pathway what really matters. Your loved ones that will flow through these doors will be the centre of their world as the energies that surround these beautiful souls will reflect on each and every individual in their presence.

Sandra Browne