If you’re looking for some dementia-friendly springtime activities to try, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the things that we love to do in the spring months with our loved ones…

Gentle and relaxing exercise

Exercise is a great way to feel active and have fun. As the springtime is here, we can get outdoors and feel the benefits of some fresh air.

Joining a dementia-friendly walking group is a great way to incorporate some exercise into your weekly routine whilst also benefiting from the social aspect that comes with it. Other enjoyable activities that you may want to try include dance, tai chi and swimming. Just make sure to enquire first to ensure the classes are dementia-friendly and can cater to your or a loved one’s needs!

Sensory gardens

Why not explore a garden that has been created to activate all of the senses?

Sensory gardens are an amazing way to connect with nature. They tend to include scented plants, textured aspects, water features and other interesting features. These gardens engage the mind and are a peaceful yet exciting space to visit.

We actually have a sensory garden here at the Me2U centre that we’d love you to come and visit!

Attend a dementia-friendly cinema screening

There’s no better time to attend a dementia-friendly cinema screening than in the Spring!

The Oscars took place just a few weeks ago, which means the cinemas have lots of great listings around this time. So why not head out to see a guaranteed great watch?

You can always discover more about dementia-friendly screenings in our blog just here!

Art and crafts

Activities that include arts and crafts are always fun. 

Using paints and interesting materials allows us to be expressive and let loose for a little while. You could encourage loved ones to play around with different textures and painting tools.

This is a lovely activity to try in the garden, whilst surrounded by lots of lovely signs of spring. So why not get some use out of the garden furniture and get painting outdoors?

Reminiscence work

Sitting in a peaceful setting and having some moments of reflection is a lovely activity to do at any time of the year.

Taking a walk down memory lane triggers positive memories and reminds us of the highlights we’ve had in our lifetime.

Encourage your loved ones to share their experiences and stories, or bring some photographs or objects that evoke happy feelings. You could also try visiting special buildings or local memory cafes!

Have fun!

Most importantly, have lots of fun!

It’s important to remember that everybody’s experiences with dementia is slightly different, therefore not every activity will be for every person. When you decide what to try, consider where your loved one is in their dementia diagnosis, and find the right activity to try with them.

We also host a range of fun activities that you or your loved ones can try at the Me2U centre regardless of where you are in your dementia journey.