We all enjoy an afternoon nap from time to time

Perhaps after a busy day in the garden or following a morning hike. A short and sweet snooze whilst Countdown is on, can be blissful.

However, if you start to notice that your naps are becoming more frequent after relatively low-intensity activities, then you may want to check-in on your health. 

A new study has suggested there may be a correlation between excessive napping and dementia. Just continue reading to discover more!

The Study

The study in question took place over a decade. 

Researchers wanted to explore the relationship between nap frequency and cognitive ability in older people. Therefore 1400 individuals who were aged 80 years or older were studied and monitored for a significant period of time to see if there was any correlation.

What did they find?

On completing their study, researchers discovered that there was a correlation between nap frequency and cognitive ability.

According to their research, those who napped once or more a day had a 40% higher risk of getting Alzheimer’s. They also discovered that from those who developed Alzheimer’s saw their yearly nap duration and frequency double.

What this means going forwards?

This is a really interesting study and contributes to the amazing and groundbreaking research that is being carried out daily to understand more about dementia.

Naturally, not all instances of regular napping will necessarily mean you or a loved one will develop Alzheimer’s disease. However, seeing the strong correlation between excessive napping and cognitive decline is important to bear in mind going forwards.

What to do if I think a loved one has dementia?

If you need any assistance in understanding dementia and the early signs to look out for then make sure to check in with your GP.

And remember here at the Me2U centre we are on hand to support you with plenty of dementia-friendly activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy.