After we’ve all been in lockdown, and we’re suffering from cabin fever as it is, Christmas might lose some of its lustre during the days between Christmas and new year. This blog aims to recap on the fun activities we can do any time, but we should especially do during our time off together.

Singing Christmas Carols

Singing is a fun activity for people of any age. Christmas songs span the decades are well known by all generations. This makes Christmas the ideal time for a singalong for all the family. People with dementia can retain memories of songs from their younger days much better than more modern songs, so focussing on Christmas carols and pop songs from their younger adulthood or teen years will engage them more.

Baking Mince Pies

Christmas might be the only time we dust off those oven gloves, but what a fun time we can have. Making mince pies is traditional and it’s easy to get your loved ones involved. They can cut out the pie shapes or fill the pastry cases with mincemeat. When the pies are baked, then your loved one can sprinkle the icing sugar. As long as you’re keeping an eye on them and keeping them out of danger, it helps their self-esteem to stay involved in these preparations.

Playing Board Games

Everyone knows how to play board games, and Christmas is synonymous with games as well as great ghost stories. Why not bring out the cards or play dominoes together? Simple games with rules that are easy to follow are ideal for your loved one. And let’s face it, no-one gets bored of a board game if it’s straightforward and means more people can join in, including the kids.

Reminiscing about Christmas Past

Christmas is a nostalgic time when we escape to thoughts of Christmases past, so it’s also an opportunity to ask your loved one about their Christmases of old. Find out about their traditions, foods they used to eat, what they used to make, what their decorations were like. What shows did they watch and what were their traditions, for example, midnight mass or carol-singing? This is a wonderful time to learn about your loved one as much as anything else and we all get something from it.


Most importantly, it’s essential to let your loved one do as much as they want to so they know they are contributing to this year’s Christmas.

We hope you have fun trying out these activities and we look forward to welcoming your loved ones back again soon.