Reality Orientation

Reality Orientation Therapy

In this series of blog posts, we’ll be looking into the different types of alternative therapies associated with dementia. In this blog, we review reality orientation. 

One of the most concerning and confusing aspects of dementia is not being fully aware of the current time and place. Reality orientation aims to help with that and settle confusion.  

What is Reality orientation?

The therapist and patient will repeat the current time and discuss current surroundings to keep the patient grounded and aware of their location. 

Part of this therapy involves the use of calendars and clocks in the home. This therapy needs to be practised with care, as it may cause distress for some patients. 

This can be a beneficial therapy to some people as it reminds them where they are so they can function in day to day life more easily. Objects such as calendars can help people see what day it actually is if they’re convinced otherwise. You can also use notes as reminders to help them navigate every day life. 

Reality orientation can be a useful intervention for people with early stages of dementia as they may still want to live their lives as independently as possible. 

However, once they enter the later stages of dementia, reality orientation may do more harm than good, so it may be better to move to other therapies such as validation therapy or reminiscence therapy. 

The important thing is to boost feelings of positivity, self-esteem and helping them deal with complex emotions and disruptive behaviours. There are many therapies that can achieve these effects. Why not book a call with the Me2U team for free advice on the best interventions for living with their dementia? 

If you or a loved one would like to know more about the other types of therapy we provide here at Me2U, please get in touch with our friendly centre staff today. 

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17th July 2023

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