Back in August, I wrote a post describing a project we hoped to implement here at Me2U Centre.

Since then, I’m pleased to say it has become a reality!

That project was the Men’s Shed, an essential space for men to work on a mix of projects and try their hand and some practical skills at the same time.

Let’s recall what we said:

Me2U is looking into setting up a Men’s Shed specifically for people with dementia and their carers so they can work on projects and interact. We hope to include a diverse range of activities such as woodwork, gardening, painting and craft. But if people just want to chill and listen to the radio or read the paper with a hot cup of tea, the Men’s Shed will provide the ideal spot for that too.

Our Men’s Shed will enable our clients to become part of a community of “shedders.” There are Men’s Sheds up and down the country that encourage men to interact in a workshop space with each other and learn new skills – a great reason to get out of the house.

So why is a Men’s Shed the perfect facility for a dementia daycare centre?

Retains mental agility

When you are engaging in an activity like gardening, woodwork or even craft, you are stimulating parts of your brain, which is essential to keep the neural pathways active for as long as possible.

Physical activity promotes sleep

Making uses up your energy, keeping you in good physical shape and getting you in a good place for a decent night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for your immune system to work properly. Also, we all know that sleeping badly or not enough can result in emotional episodes.


People living with dementia often lose out on the benefits of socialisation, leading to isolation and loneliness which can then contribute to depression. Working with other shedders allows you to engage with like-minded folk and learn from them.


When you are learning a new activity, the progress you make builds up your confidence. Also, participating in a worthwhile or stimulating activity and being part of a group increases your sense of purpose.

These are just a few of the reasons we wanted to start up the first dementia Men’s Shed here at Me2U. The fact that it is now becoming a reality is testament to our determination to show that people can have a quality of life with dementia. This is only the latest in a number of projects designed to engage our clients and give them a sense of purpose.

A big thanks to all those who made the Men’s Shed possible! It was a fantastic event setting up this perfect addition to our facility.