Vickly McClure and her choir are back with the TV series, Our Dementia Choir, appearing on BBC1 at 9pm on 10th October to document the making of their new charity single.


After three years and an entire Covid pandemic, the Our Dementia Choir hits TV screens once again. Line of Duty star, Vicky McClure is back to present the show that followed a group of people living with dementia as they prepared to perform the Beatles song, “In My Life” for their families and friends.

The show originally aired in May 2019 and wove personal stories of dementia into the larger narrative of a group of people working to memorise the poignant Beatles song.

The choir was also part of a research project with Nottingham University scientists who were researching the effect of music on people living with dementia.

McClure has personal experience of the disease, with her grandmother living with dementia until her passing in 2015. The actor can therefore vouch for the power of music therapy.

This time around, the show documents the creation of a charity single and will air on Monday 10th October at 9pm.

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Our Dementia Choir Bring Out a New Charity Single

The participants have now recorded a charity single at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

During the series, the choir learnt and performed the Beatles song, “In My Life”, so it’s apt that they have now recorded a new single, “What’s Your Story?” at the London studios that featured on the well-known Beatles album of the same name.

Commenting on the project, Vicky McClure said: “Being able to record a song that gives voice to people living with dementia at the most famous recording studio in the world is an extraordinary achievement, and it’s made even more incredible when you think that the recording was made with people living with dementia.”

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