It’s Dementia Action Week, and we are pleased to report we are celebrating here at the Me2U Centre on Thursday 24th May.

And yes, I’ve been speaking to Radio Merseyside’s Snelly (again!) about the work we’ve been doing here. We’re so proud of what we have accomplished so far. In just two months, we’re at 50% capacity, having opened our doors three days a week, soon to be four! It’s absolutely thriving and just keeps on getting better.

I spoke to Snelly about how we’re getting families in the centre and making life with dementia as normal as possible. Part of our role as a hub in our community is to emphasise the importance of life beyond the dementia diagnosis. We’re here to support families and carers as well as those with the condition even when they reach a point where they need full-time care in a residential home. We like carers to know we are on hand to support them through the transition if they need us to be.

As those of you who know us will testify, this has been a hugely important project for us. We started off funding it ourselves and now, even though Amanda, Angela and I don’t pay ourselves a wage, we are proud to say we have employed three members of staff.

The journey doesn’t end there. We’re now working on a sensory garden to provide our clients with a trip down memory lane complete with nostalgic items such as a bus stop and post box. We’ll tell you more about this in a future post, but for now, do listen to the full interview with Snelly from the 1.11 mark.

Finally, remember that this week is Dementia Action Week, a week for small actions that have a huge impact. If you know someone with the condition, do something kind for them. Show a bit more patience or spend some time with them. It all counts!