As a carer, you are giving 100% most of the time. This can leave you feeling burnt out. Caring is what you are best at, yet it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself.
Here are some of the best things to do when taking time out.

1. Get some rest

Making sure you get eight hours of sleep is essential for firing on all cylinders, but it’s not always possible. When you have the chance of some down-time, get plenty of rest or have a siesta to recharge.

2. Go for a brisk walk

Exercise is crucial for a balanced lifestyle, and can help you sleep at night. Although joining a gym may not be convenient, going for a walk gives you all the benefits of a treadmill with the added bonus of fresh air. Perfect for clearing your head.

3. See your friends

Keeping friendships going is challenging for everyone. If you don’t get much time out, then this is a good opportunity to meet people you haven’t seen for a while. Friendships can be a vital source of support, and having a laugh is actually beneficial for your health. True fact!

4. Do something you haven’t done in ages

Go and see a matinee performance at the theatre, or take a trip to the beach. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you enjoy – You deserve it!

5. Do your hobbies

It could be yoga, it could be golf, reading or a craft workshop. It’s the time you feel focused on being the best possible you. Making time for past-times often feels selfish, but as long as you don’t spend all your waking hours doing it, then it is imperative that you spend at least some time on it.

Here are a few suggestions of things you can do to prioritise your own needs. There is an endless list of ideas and the Me2uCentre can give you the time out you need to recharge your batteries however you like to do it.

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