We’re all struggling in our own unique ways during this lockdown. The struggle is especially real if you’re a full-time carer locked in with your loved one.

You may well be experiencing a range of emotions due to the feeling you’re unable to escape for an hour or two just to be you. The feelings you’re going through now could be guilt for feeling this way, frustration at not being able to go out alone for a while, low mood and depression, or even fatigue. It could be that you’re very lonely and could do with a friendly chat.

There are no right or wrong feelings. Check in with yourself when you feel overwhelmed, bored or anxious, and accept those feelings. Is there anything you can do to alleviate your current mental state? Most importantly, don’t judge yourself for any negative feelings – It doesn’t help anyone to beat yourself up so be kind to yourself.

If you start to feel it’s all too much, then please know that we’re at the other end of the phone and will offer practical advice and support as much as we can. If you need a hand getting in your essentials, then please tell us. Our line is manned by me – I’m a qualified nurse specialising in dementia, so I know where to signpost you to for any medical help or other support you may need.

We look forward to opening our doors again – We miss our Me2U family and it pains us we can’t get you through your everyday struggles as much as we could before.

Please call us any time on 07888 649822 and we’ll be a listening ear.

Stay safe!

Rosie and the Me2U Team


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